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Freemantle & Taverner

Phased urban regeneration scheme replacing 90 poor quality flats and maisonettes with 190 mixed tenure family homes.


Feasibility Study, Concept Development, Detailed Planning Drawings, Public Consultation, Construction Drawings, Technical Support

The existing housing turned its back on an area of public open space creating a barrier to the remainder of the estate. As a result of this, the open space (one of the largest in the Borough) had become poorly used, with football groups moving elsewhere and the largest group of day-to-day users being dog walkers. This created an issue with safety and hygiene problems. The only play equipment on the site was placed to the far end, was poorly overlooked, so families did not feel safe letting children play there.
KSA worked with Vivid to maximise the number of homes on the site, improve access and use of the open space with sports facilities and provide a dog walking area. A significant number of feasibility studies explored a range of options for the site from utilising just the land freed up by demolition through to extensive use of the open space. This range of options was used as a catalyst to begin a meaningful discussion with both residents and the local authority.
We have extensive experience in public consultation and, due to the sensitive nature of the proposals, which included the loss of some public open space, KSA set up and ran a resident’s design group, and, in this way, we were able to engage in meaningful discussion that helped shape the scheme and gain their support.
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Experience KSA

The scheme was completed in 2016 and shortly afterwards achieved a Premier Guarantee Excellence Award and was also submitted for a number of other accolades by the client and developer. It became a flagship scheme for VIVID, owing to the distinctive design approach to modern homes that meet local need. This transformed a run-down section of an estate into a bright and vibrant community.

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“Fantastic opportunity to enhance this visually sensitive area while providing much needed affordable housing in the City”

Daniel Knight, Design Director, KSA

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