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great places
for people.

With a track record stretching back almost 40 years, KSA is a Portsmouth based multi-award winning architectural practice specialising in sustainable residential and community developments designed for the people who live and work in them.

Working with housing associations, charities, local authorities and private developers to make places where people can thrive.

From our Portsmouth practice, our team of expert Placemakers specialises in meeting the practical requirements of residential development, while creating places that both contribute to the built environment and are conducive to the wellbeing of individual and community.



A thousand plus projects.
And every one distinct.

Recognised for our imaginative approach to problem solving through the use of modern construction methods, KSA designs a unique sense of identity into each of our developments.

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Specific Elements to design Care Homes

Catering for our increasing and aging population will also mean that residential, dementia and nursing homes will need to adapt to stay a home of choice for individuals and their families

The Placemakers who
make KSA.

From our Part I year out students to our Directors, our entire team at KSA are Placemakers. Working closely together provides the broad expertise, and creates the unique culture, which are key to designing and developing places that people will love living in.

Our Placemakers

Making places. Why does it matter so much?

As our society evolves, the pressures of population growth, immigration, resources, environmental concern and physical and mental wellbeing bring the issue of housing into ever sharper focus. As residential architects, we believe passionately that providing well-planned and constructed housing, in thoughtfully designed neighbourhoods, is a fundamental duty of society. we are proud to play our part in helping to fulfil this duty.

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