Hazel Butler


BA (Hons) Dip Arch, Arb

For much of my career as an architect, I have worked in the residential sector – be it for the individual clients where they want to make their homes work harder for their future needs, to the conversion of a historic building into a warm and comfortable home and on a much larger scale I have experience with working on new housing developments. I enjoy the complexity and teamwork with creating homes for clients and the end user.

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My passions outside of KSA

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On my days away from KSA you will find me in many places such as - on a farmers market stall selling pies, in a pub or having a cup of tea in the back of my Bambi.

KSA Favourites


Raspberry and vanilla




The Atlas Mountains




Bar billiards


Pie and Mash

Here's some recent projects where I’ve made an impact.

Rowlands Castle Road 1
Land north of Rowlands Castle Road, Horndean

Located on the edge of the South Downs National Park and the village of Horndean near Portsmouth, a strategic green field development comprising 82-dwellings on a visually sensitive site for Highwood Group.

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